Vendor Spotlight: Live Music Pros

Sharing a vendor spotlight on NYC’s Live Music Pros today. “We’re not a big agency and we’re not just a band: we’re a small family of musicians and producers who believe in doing things right.” We have seen them keep everyone on the dance floor and they make sure every aspect of your music is exactly what you are looking for from NYC to all over new England.

Here is some of Live Music Pro’s knowledge when it comes to music for your wedding day.

Just think of what YOU remember from the weddings you have been to! It’s the couple, the food and the party! An event has a starting and stopping point, but an experience is something that can last forever as a memory. When weddings have superb food and crowd-pleasing entertainment, that’s an unforgettable memory. 

Music is what emotion sounds like. Music gets your guests intimately involved with you and helps tell your wedding reception story. There is no time in life with more joyful emotion than the day you get married, and no more physical expression of sharing than dancing with your guests! You can get a DJ and listen to recordings, or you can get personalities with expression and interaction in a live band. You can get discount bands and take a chance, or decide to hire full time professionals. This is the experience guests remember – how much fun did they have?  

For music there’s more than meets the eye – and nobody who isn’t a musician and producer knows what to ask. Look for full time musicians, event production expertise, advanced audio technology, and support staff on site from your band. It’s just how a Broadway musical works – the production is the key to having unforgettable attached to a band.

Photography: Brindamour Photography
Venue: Brooklyn Winery
Florist: Floresta
Band: Live Music Pros

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