One on One with You Look Lovely Fine Art Wedding Photographers

  1. How did you get into wedding photography?

Erik: Adeline grew up in a family of romantics, having watched every wedding-related movie you can think of with her mom and sister. When we met, I remember she had a collection of wedding magazines that would have set off alarms bells had I not been madly in love with her. In all fairness, she had given me fair warning about her wedding obsession, which also led to her becoming a wedding planner early on in our relationship. But, as a true romantic, Adeline was pulled to the documenting side of the wedding world soon after, switching to photography as a career.

  1.  How many weddings have you shot?

Adeline: Hundreds! We’ve been photographing weddings since 2011, and over the years we’ve experienced virtually every type of wedding scenario you can imagine. Before founding You Look Lovely, I worked for a national wedding photography agency for over a year and became the most-booked photographer in the New York City area. During that time, I was selected as lead photographer for over 100 weddings, which really helped me hone my intuition, learn how to manage timelines, and craft my style. But, when you work for an agency, you don’t control the editing process and you’re extremely limited in how much you’re allowed to interact with the clients, and I always yearned to connect with the couples I worked with on a deeper level, as well as provide my signature editing style when delivering images. That led me to co-found You Look Lovely with Erik in 2013, where we only take on a small number of bookings each year in order to develop better relationships and do our most meaningful work with the couples we capture.


  1.  You guys are a couple.  We love that (for obvious reasons!) What is it like to work with your partner?

Adeline: It’s the best! We’ve been together for ten years and every day we fall more in love. There’s a lot of unspoken connection, which benefits us when we’re documenting a celebration. We feel so fortunate to be able to capture the love between other souls who were lucky (like us) to find each other in this vast, beautiful world.

  1.  Do you limit the amount of weddings you take on per year? If so, why?

Erik: As Adeline mentioned, we love connecting with our couples, offering advice and resources for designing and planning from their wedding day to their honeymoon, so we take a limited amount of weddings a year to give them the attention they deserve. A fun fact about us is that we moonlight as food and travel writers and photographers, and we’ve combined our talents to publish over 150 restaurant reviews for a publication called Blackboard Eats, so we know all of the best spots for different cuisines around NYC.


  1.  Your destination weddings look so DREAMY! Do you have a favorite location that you have shot?

Adeline: We’re fortunate to have photographed in some absolutely gorgeous locations, and if we had to choose a favorite, it would be really hard! There are a few that stand out, though: In the US, we love working in Colorado and Vermont — we’re just in love with the fresh mountain air and beautiful, clear skies. Internationally, we’re just floored by the beauty of Italy. After photographing a wedding at a Tuscan villa last year, we haven’t been able to stop talking about how much we’d love to go back to explore more of the sprawling Italian wine country!

  1.  Do you shoot film, digital, or both?

Adeline: We use both film and digital and find that each medium brings something special to how we capture weddings and portraits. Many photographers rely solely on digital these days, yet we’ve always been in love with the hands-on process of working with film cameras. We have a collection of film cameras, including medium-format, that provide a dream-like look that’s difficult to duplicate with digital. On the other hand, digital cameras are preferred in certain lighting situations, so each medium serves a unique purpose on top of offering its own nuance in look and feel.

  1.  How would you describe your photography style?

Erik: Our style is elegant, timeless, and very romantic. We strive to capture couples truly feeling themselves in the moment, as if we’re invisible and they’re alone on an intimate stroll. We provide some direction in the photographic process, but don’t rely too heavily on posing couples. Feeling natural is key. We want you to feel moved by the images you receive from us after your engagement session and wedding, and our goal is to present couples with images that will captivate them and their loved ones for generations to come.


  1.  What tip would you give to couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Adeline: Choosing the right wedding photographer(s) is all about connecting with their style and personality. You want to work with someone whose artistic taste and vision connect with what you’re hoping to have reflected in your wedding images. While it’s super important to have chemistry with your photographer(s), it’s even more important to love the work they put out to represent themselves so that you’re happy with how they capture one of the most meaningful days of your life.

  1.  How do you like to stay in inspired?

Adeline:  We’re big foodies and travel lovers, and we constantly find inspiration in the places we experience and the people we meet. Making new friends and learning about their passions. Looking through the editorial and documentary photography of masters like Richard Avedon, Slim Arrons, and the early works of Annie Lebovitz. We’re both very dynamic people and we encourage each other to keep dreaming and growing, and that always keeps us inspired about life, work, and where we’re headed.


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